In 1999, after several years of discussion and planning, area employers banded together in an effort to impact the rising cost of health insurance.

Under the direction of AmeriServ Financial Corporation, many of the region’s businesses united in an effort to introduce competition into the local health care market. The result was E.MAP.

With the combined strength of hundreds of area employers giving E.MAP the negotiating and purchasing power of a major corporation, the coalition gathered proposals from all of the region’s health insurance carriers. The goal was to identify those carriers that were:

  • Focused on quality of care and service
  • Willing to be a partner to E.MAP and support its ongoing initiatives
  • Committed to reducing health insurance costs by offering preferred pricing in exchange for E.MAP endorsement

After extensive deliberation, the E.MAP Board of Directors determined that only one carrier – UPMC Health Plan – met all of E.MAP’s criteria. Based on this decision, E.MAP and UPMC Health Plan formed a partnership that allowed local businesses to offer high quality, affordable health care to their employees without bankrupting themselves.

Together, E.MAP and UPMC Health Plan introduced a program that saved area employers $7.7 million in premiums during the first three years and continue to deliver real savings today.

Today, E.MAP’s mission remains intact; To stimulate meaningful competition in the region for the benefit of local businesses, their employees and family members.